On this page, you can create request for (a) cat(s) you've created to join a Clan or another group. From your request, an admin will be notified of your cat's/cats' page(s), and thus he/she will check it to see if it is still WIP/AP (unfinished;needs work and corrections), or its is AA (Admin approved/Ready to go).

Dear AdminsEdit

All admins, when available, remember to check requests and linked character pages. Go through the Character Policy to find the page requirements for a char-page. If you approve a page incorrectly, the page will be unapproved by another admin, and a warning will be sent to your talk page. Usually, you should pay closer attention to  unapproved char-pages in YOUR clan, especially the admin that owns a Leader of a Clan. Your job is to link approved pages on the Clan page under the character's rank. Also, if the character is a pregnant Queen, Kit, or a Queen with Kits already, you must link it to the Clan's Nursery page. Good Luck! :D

Request "HOW TO"Edit

To create a request correctly:

  1. click the add a new topic first.
  2. Title it as - Request:Date//Time      -     Example    -    Request:1/4/14//3:00 AM
  3. Create link to your User page
  4. Write your request - Example: May the warrior, Mousebrain, and his apprentice, the she-cat Brainpaw, join BrookClan?
  5. Remember to create (a) link(s) to your cats'/cat's page(s).
  6. You MUST sign off with 4 tildes! (Signature)

Dear Newbs, READ THE "HOW TO"!Edit

Dear Newbs, READ THE "HOW TO"! DanChan123 22:22, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

Join Edit

Can I join with Runningstream as a medicine-cat?{{SUBST:User:Brightpatch/Sig}} 17:21, April 10, 2015 (UTC)

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