BrookClan is well known for its great love of what a cat would least expect to love, water. BrookClan derives its entire life from this thing only partially essential to a life. The BrookClan camp is well fortified, as it abides on an isle surrounded by water. BrookClan cats have developed great swimming abilities compared to other cats, and often eat the fish and crayfish that live in the water. There territory is derived from the Marshland filled with small brooks that run out of the Lake.

Current State/OOC Roleplay SuggestionsEdit

Welcome fellow cats, to BrookClan! Let StarClan reflect their starry pride off the water we swim!

Current State: Healthy

No epidemics, and we are going through nice, rainy spring weather!

  • Roleplay: Hunting - Great hunting season - No Troubles
  • Roleplay: In-Clan - WIP



Medicine CatEdit






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