BreezeClan cats are known for their love of open spaces. They live on open fields, or the North Rolling Hills. Of all least Clans, they are the least used to wet ground, preferring the drier northern part of the hills which they sleep on. They do not like to sleep in the shelter of dens because they prefer the fresh air. They are fiercely loyal and tough. They can also be nervous and quick to flee. BreezeClan has adapted to a long-running wolf-like hunting style. This means chasing prey for longer periods of time in large groups. Running fast is one one way to appear as a blur on the open fields, tiring their prey.

Current State/OOC Roleplay SuggestionsEdit

Welcome fellow cats, to BreezeClan! Let StarClan run with us through the open!

Current State: Healthy

No epidemics, and we are going through nice and rainy spring weather!

  • Roleplay: Hunting - Great hunting season - No Troubles
  • Roleplay: In-Clan - WIP

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Medicine CatEdit






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